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About GBSA


The Greater Baltimore Swim Association is a year-round, competitive age group USA Swimming team in Catonsville, MD. GBSA is part of the Maryland Local Swim Committee. Established in 1990 by Edward R. "Ted" Bresnahan, the club was founded on the premise of flexibility, encouragement and excellence in instruction. Head coach Patrick Underwood adheres to these principles as GBSA enters its 28th year.


Our Mission:

  • To create a positive environment in which potential can be brought to realization.

  • To focus on improvement through hard work, technique, attention to detail, and encouragement by all members of the organization.

  • To breed success through mutual respect, fostering desire, mental preparation, and interpersonal cooperation.

  • GBSA fully endorse and supports USA Swimming's Safe Sport and Safety programs, as well as MAAPP, by helping to provide resources to our members.


We offer flexibility to allow the very busy youth of today to swim when they can around their other activities, giving them the opportunity to stay with the sport until the time comes for them to choose a sport full time.


We offer excellence in instruction so that when these athletes do choose a sport, no matter what sport, they will have gained from GBSA the ability and understanding to work towards the highest goals through excellence in basic technique, focus and dedication. We encourage these athletes to constantly work towards better mechanics, emotional and mental focus, and, of course, increased dedication to swimming. We at GBSA feel that these are also valuable lessons that will aid these young people in all endeavors throughout their lives.


Our goals as a club have given many athletes great success as GBSA boasts Olympic Trials Qualifiers, Senior National Qualifiers and Finalists, NCAA Division I National Qualifiers and Finalists, and Division III National Qualifiers, Finalists and Champions. There have been several Junior National/Regional Sectional Qualifiers as well as Maryland State All-Star Finalists and Champions along with numerous National Top Sixteen swimmers. GBSA feels strongly about every member of its organization and is driven to create the environment in which these athletes can succeed and reach any level they wish. As we we continue to grow and become more competitive within our ranks we look forward to more success on every level of the sport.

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