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The GBSA coaching staff uses several methods to communicate with swimmers and their families.



Here at GBSA, we're always working to make communication better/easier. With that in mind, we've created a google group to help us communicate more accurately and effectively. To receive notices, updates, etc. via e-mail, all you have to do is subscribe to the group by clicking subscribe now below.  

Then, when we send such emails, we use one e-mail address and all e-mail list subscribers receive the e-mail. Families may add more than one e-mail address to the list if desired. Consider adding your work e-mail address to be sure you get timely information wherever you are.


If you cannot receive team e-mails because of a spam filter, you may need to add the team’s e-mail address to your list of allowed sources, or follow your service provider’s tutorial (such as Verizon) for instructions on how to override your spam filter.


GBSA also utilizes the Remind App on your smartphone to communicate any last minute changes or updates.  Please join the "class" @swimgbs to start receiving these notifications.



The big blue team board is located in the lobby just outside the main pool entrance at CCBC Catonsville. On it you’ll find:


  • meet notices, entries, and results

  • time standards for USA swimming and local meets

  • news items of interest from MD Swimming, USA Swimming, and swim magazines


All passing of paperwork and awards happens through “the box.” Actually there are five boxes which contain a folder for each family, one for Coach Pat, and one for meet entry forms. Completed meet forms should be placed in the MEET ENTRY folder with a check attached, made out to GBSA, for all meets.


The boxes are placed in the lobby before practice begins.




Coach Patrick:


Coach Patrick: 410.241.9292.


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