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Financial Commitment 


GBSA is set-up on a quarterly basis. The quarters are:


  • September-October-November

  • December-January-February

  • March-April-May

  • June-July-August


Once you begin a quarter, YOU ARE FINANCIALLY COMMITTED TO THAT QUARTER -- NO EXCEPTIONS. (Serious physical illness or injuries are obvious cases for leniency).


For example, if you start swimming in March, then later decide that another commitment is taking too much of your time, YOU STILL MUST PAY for the remainder of the quarter (April and May).


You have the option of paying on either a monthly or quarterly basis. Dues must be paid by the 15th of each month (or by the 15th of the first month of the quarter if you pay quarterly).

Registration - One Time Per Season (September -August)


USA Swimming/Maryland Swimming Registration fee to be paid directly online


$70 for 2023-24



GBSA Registration (includes team shirt, mandatory family concessions contribution for home meets, team registration and the Maryland Swimming registration fee)



$263 per swimmer

Please note due to increased fees in all facets of the sport (and life) there are no multi-swimmer family discounts. We are sorry we can no longer offer this benefit. 

Quarterly (or monthly) Dues Structure



  • 3x per week

  • 4x per week

All other groups:

  • 2x per week

  • 3x per week

  • 4x per week

  • 5x (or more) per week

Quarterly Fee

(monthly payment) 


$360 ($120-$120-$120)

$390 ($130-$130-$130)


$360 ($120-$120-$120)

$390 ($130-$130-$130)

$420 ($140-$140-$140)

$465 ($155-$155-$155)

We do not send automatic e-bills or monthly/quarterly reminders. We expect all families to keep up with the billing. If you get an e-mail from the coach it will be because the fees are considerably overdue, so please plan out your payment schedule ahead of time. Should fees become too delinquent we will ask the swimmer to discontinue training until some arrangement is made directly with Coach Patrick.


Questions or comments can be directed to Coach Patrick at

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