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Meets Policy




Swim meets can be a rewarding and educational experience. They are full of ups and downs for the swimmer. It is your role as a parent to give your child the love and support he/she may need. The coach’s role is to motivate and teach the swimmer so that he/she may become a better swimmer from the experience and ultimately, a better person. To promote the unity of the team, GBSA swimmers and parents are highly encouraged to sit together at all meets (that is, together in their separate areas – swimmers on pool deck and parents in the stands).



  • All swimmers are responsible for knowing location and time for their meet session. Any changes made will be e-mailed upon notification.

  • All swimmers are responsible for their own transportation to and from meets unless otherwise noted. Swimmers should arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled warm-up time. If there is any discrepancy in the events entered, report these to the coach prior to warm-ups.

  • It is the swimmer’s responsibility to report to the correct lane prior to each race (or to the clerk-of-course if one is being run).

  • Unsportsmanlike conduct of any type will not be tolerated. This includes booing, vulgarity or derogatory behavior of any type. GBSA swimmers are always expected to act in accordance with the GBSA Swimmer Code of Conduct.

  • Any swimmer selected for a relay must participate in that relay. Always check with the coach to determine if you have been selected for a relay before leaving the meet.

  • Team suits and caps are required during meets (high-performance suits are permitted, but team colors or black are highly encouraged). Sweats (or warm-ups) and several towels are required. New parents – please see the “What to Expect at Meets” document on our website for other helpful information for new swim families.)

  • Pursuant to each coach’s instruction, EVERY swimmer will see the coach on deck before AND ALWAYS AFTER each race. Before they swim down, before they see Mom & Dad, and before they talk to their friends. When a swimmer leaves the pool after a race they should:

    1. ask for their time from the timers,

    2. walk straight to their coach, and

    3. listen and learn from the coach’s feedback and apply it to the next race and every practice thereafter.

  • Upon completion of all the swimmer’s individual events, he or she must receive permission from the coaching staff to leave the meet.

  • Before you leave the facility, make sure you have cleaned up the team area, collected all of your belongings, and checked all event results for your official times.

  • If you feel there is a discrepancy in a result, an officiating call, or conduct of a meet, please contact your coach immediately so he/she may pursue the matter through proper channels. Do not confront the officials or meet directors yourself.

  • If a swimmer is unable to attend a meet because of an illness or an emergency situation, contact the coaching staff upon realization of the circumstance. If you are unable to contact a coach, make every effort to contact another swimmer participating in the meet so that the message can be relayed to the coaching staff.

  • There are no refunds for meets not attended or events scratched.

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