Fall 2021 Update!

GBSA families, hopefully, many of the tryout families have also joined this email group. I have heard from CCBC and unfortunately, the college will not be opening up to outside groups at least until October. I have been told the Athletics staff will continue to submit proposals for opening 10 or 11/1. So that means yet again we need to find other water for the time being. So here’s what I am doing….

I have requested 8 lanes at UMBC outdoors for September and October. I am hopeful that this will work out and we can stay local for those two months. This will hopefully lead to CCBC opening come November 1 and we just move back home then. However, since they have been so ultra-cautious I am also planning to arrange time at Merritt again for November through January as our backup. (I have asked to have time at Eldersburg also instead of Canton but that’s certainly not likely).

So here is what I need from you all:

Please email me ONLY if you plan to return to GBSA in the group that your swimmer was in for the summer (unless you have requested a tryout for a move up and then email your intent to return and move up tentative). Families that are coming back from a break do not need to try out just email and state the last group their swimmer was in. I will need these email confirmations of return to GBSA by Monday 8/23 at 7 pm. This goes for the families that had their swimmers try out on 8/7 and their groupings posted on the website. If you are NOT accepting the invitation to the team or are NOT returning there is no need to email. I only need confirmation of moving forward.

Ballpark expenses are as follows:

Registration per swimmer: $450

Membership fees per swimmer for September and October (no discount or monthly payments available)

Minis 3x per week(one hour) $300

White 1+2 and SrP 4 days (90 minutes) (you can choose to swim less but the fee is same) $400

BLJ and BLS 5 days 2 hours 15 minutes $575

I hope we can continue to keep GBSA alive and rolling until we get to come home and continue to flourish as we always have. All my best, have a great end to the summer I hope to hear from many of you soon. Thanks so very much for everything and GO GBSA!!!



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