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I am writing this out in I hope is a timeline appropriate manner for how we will proceed from here now that the roster for the upcoming season is mostly complete - I am still taking requests for tryouts, but I think the bulk of the team is listed in the most recent roster I sent. we go:

1) New swimmer families only! (Returners have confirmed their commitment to the season already). I need an email specifically and explicitly confirming that the swimmer(s) is/are accepting the invitation to join GBSA for 2022-23 by Wednesday 8/10, 8pm. We have about 1/3 of those who are listed accepting their spot so far.

2) Step 2 will be requesting practice schedules. You may have already told me what you plan for your swimmers' schedules but that is not a guarantee. We are very fortunate that so many families have sought us out and are committing to the season but that also means that we need to plan. We need to make safety a priority and lane space is one those safety issues. So starting at 9am (PLEASE do not email even one minute before 9am) on Tuesday 8/23 you may submit via email your practice schedule request. On a first emailed first accepted basis I will start filling in the practice schedule. Please send me a top 3 requested list (i.e. MWF, OR MTF, OR MWSat) and I will do my best to get the best schedule for your family

3) Registration: much more in-depth details to come but unlike years past each family will register their swimmers through MDSWIM directly and pay through that

electronic process. However those details are not yet available to us so we will send to you as soon as we know. After that process is complete in late August we presume/hope, you will come to your first scheduled practice and register with GBSA directly, paying with check or cash and submitting some further info like t-shirt sizes for swimmers (and any additional shirts you may want to order for family members) and cap orders, etc

4) Team Apparel: Also a work in progress. Our supplier is Metro Swim Shop but they have management changes going on and again, once I will know

5) Practice starts Tuesday 9/6!!!

6) Saturday practice schedule listed will be finalized asap based on college class schedule. It may end up in the morning. Info to come as I have it

I think that's it for now. I will send/have available meet entry processes later in August as well as a meet schedule. I need to get more info on some things

before I finalize that as well but PLEASE review the website, there really is a lot of useful info there.

We are very excited for the full return of GBSA!!! Stay tuned and happy August everyone!


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