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Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed the wonderful weather and maybe even some relaxation in regards to quarantine. I haven’t written in awhile because honestly there hasn’t been much to tell. In early May I heard back from admin at CCBC and basically they had/have no answers or timelines. I was told they hope to be back in some limited capacity as a staff on campus come June 1. The Athletics Director also said he thought maybe some small group activities may resume come July 1. But the reality is they don’t know when anything will start opening on campus and have no idea as to when activities such as ours (GBSA being an off campus rental group) might resume. So I am writing to say we still are in a holding pattern and we wait and see. 

  I am pasting now what I did yesterday at the Facebook group page. MD Swim is looking into things but please read the message from our LSC President:

“Maryland Swimming is following the strictest guidelines enforced by the Federal, State and Local authorities. We know swimmers, coaches and parents want to get back to practice. However, in Maryland, as of today there is NO POOL REOPENING DATE . Consequentially, there should be no Maryland LSC swim teams practicing until the Governor has given the go ahead to reopen pools. USA swimming has stated that teams that begin practices prior to pools being officially opened by the state Governments will NOT BE COVERED by insurance. Those swimmers would be swimming uninsured. Maryland Swimming has a task force in place to develop a reopening prototype for clubs. As we do our part, please do yours. “ The task force mentioned is also looking into what facilities are thinking and where they stand in terms of getting back up and running.  I also saw on Swim Swam that there is a group seeking advise from the government on how to get swimming going again.  So unfortunately I have no significant news other than competition is done through the summer as I’m sure you all know and we are still eagerly awaiting some word on how we can start moving forward.  I will have the fees due lists sent tomorrow. I’ve been loathing having to send that considering all that is going on but I do have to do it. So please look for that by tomorrow evening.  Stay safe and healthy!!  Keep the faith!!  Hope to see you soon Patrick 


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