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Workout for Swimmers!


Here are some items from our coaches for keeping fit and getting stronger while on our quarantine.

The first item is a workout that can be mixed and done a variety of ways to not make it boring and repetitive. I need to make sure all parents and kids know that the form it is in now is ONLY for the BLS who have stayed very active throughout these couple weeks we’ve been away. And I would say for anyone 10 and under it needs to be watered down drastically.

Elite level set:

-3 sets 20 push ups

-100 mountain climbers

-20 walk outs ( squat down walk hands out to plank position. Raise left arm directly in front of you while looking forward. Lower raise right arm. Then lift each leg. Walk you hands back and stand up)

-100 mountain climbers

-20 walk outs

-100 mountain climbers

-20 walk outs

-100 mountain climbers

-30 lunges with or without weights ***only with instruction and know how

-25 squat with curl up arms. With or without weight. (Hold weight with two hands- each hand on outer part

of weight)

-60 squat jumps

Go through 2 or 3 times

This is a ton of volume and should be done only one time through initially and the number of repetitions should be decreased as well. Don’t need any injuries or kids being so sore they can’t move the next day.

Example of a 10 and under version:

-3 sets of 5 perfect pushups. Backs must remain in solid plank form

-30 mountain climbers

-8 walkouts

-20 mountain climbers

-8 walkouts

-10 mountain climbers

-8 walkouts

-10 lunges (from standing position step forward with one foot, drop back knee almost to ground, step back up to standing position. Repeat on other side. 5 each side)

-10 squat jumps

5 minute walk, every 1:00 do 10 sprint jumping jacks and make sure you clap your hands above head

IMPORTANT!! Strength is hugely important in swimming and all athletic endeavors; flexibility is more important. PLEASE make sure the kids are doing full and extensive stretching diligently during this type of training!

Injury prevention:

Here is an excellent video to show great shoulder strengthening and injury prevention exercises. Coach Deanna found this and it’s great for anyone. This is good to do 3x per week for now. Here is the link

Aerobic training:

Simple formula that’s easily expandable:

3 minute walk, 2 minute jog, 1 minute run

4 minute walk, 2 minute jog, 1 minute burpees

5 minute walk, 2 minute jog, 1 minute run

6 minute walk, 2 minute jog, 1 minute rows (abs)

That’s 30 minutes on the nose. Do this 3x the first week. Then increase the jog and run and dryland exercise by one minute and do that 3x the next week. And so on...

Lastly this exercise machine has been recommended for anyone who can afford it, has the space and wants to add good equipment for increasing greatly the variety of swimming specific exercises the kids can do:

Installment 3 “Insprirational Swimming Moments”: the original Dream Team, well for swimmers in the early 1980s. Coming into the ‘84 LA games each of these swimmers held the world record in their discipline at the 100 meters. Pablo lost his in the meet to Michael Gross (the German anchor of the 800 free relay in the last installment). But these guys were my heroes and I would rank this as the best swimming relay of all time on the men’s side. Just an amazing race!! Enjoy!!


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