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Attendance, Attitude, and Punctuality

  • Every GBSA family must get their swimmer(s) to practice on time! On time typically means arriving early, stretching properly, and being ready to swim at the stated practice start time.

  • Every swimmer must attend the minimum number of practices required by their training group to remain in that group.

  • Every swimmer must come to every practice ready to learn and improve.

  • Poor attitudes and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated!

  • Swimmers must bring all required equipment to EVERY practice. The GBSA website has a detailed list of equipment you'll need.

  • All swimmers are expected to have water/sports drinks for hydration.

  • All swimmers are expected to respect and keep the facility clean - PLEASE make sure your swimmers are reminded constantly to pick up their trash on the deck and in the locker rooms!

  • Arrangements can be made with the coaches for specific situations. In the event that circumstances will prevent you from arriving on time, an e-mail (when known in advance) or a phone call (last-minute issue) is required. The coach's e-mail address is The phone number in the pool office is 410.552.6460.


For Seniors Only

  • Dryland is a part of practice. If you show up at the end of dryland you are late to practice.

  • Showing up on time but not getting into the water on time means you are late. Three late starts may result in a suspension.


Other Groups Using The Pool

During the months of September through January, the Mount St. Joe water polo and swim teams hold practices and occasional matches/meets at the CCBC pool. A complete list of affected dates will be  made available as soon as they are known, and GBSA practices will begin as soon as the pool is clear and the lane lines can be installed.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays we have a college class that starts immediately after our practice is over. We MUST keep the bleachers closest to the lobby entrance COMPLETELY CLEAR of swim bags, clothes, towels, and spectators. On these days, practice participants must always leave the pool area THROUGH THE LOCKER ROOMS, not through the glass doors or the lobby entrance. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding to help keep things running smoothly at the facility!

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